meanie-monster-mutt asked: I love horror, but real gore makes me nauseous. Could you tag #irl gore if you don't already? (I'm not sure if you even post real gore, it's just a precaution I take with horror blogs)

I consider myself a paranormal blog, rather than a horror blog, so I don’t post a whole lot of gore, but there are times when I post articles about murders and crimes. I try not to reblog the ones with super gorey pictures because I, too, get nauseous - especially death involving real people. If I do happen to reblog anything gorey, I will try to tag it for you. I can be somewhat forgetful though, so I apologize if anything slips through my fingers. Just alert me if that happens. :) Thanks for following me though!


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First trees and then what? Machine guns? Goats will be the end of the world

Fun fact: They do this to get away from predators or if they are bored.

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i bought this skull for a cosplay and

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Spin me round



"They are insatiable. They crave flesh, they want blood, and will never be satisfied no matter how much they eat."

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This is going on my tumblr again.

every october

and some of the months in-between

I get it…

when the one ghost turns his head AWW HAHABAHABH<3

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Real Mythical Dragon Captured by Chinese Fisherman 2014 - Unexplained Mysteries ›


Real Dragong Caught

Real Mythical Dragon Captured by Chinese Fisherman 2014 - Unexplained Mysteries


Brahmaparusha - 

A vampire from Northern Indian folklore, the Brahmaparusha is an extremely violent vampire who takes pride in its kills.  It is usually seen wearing intestines on its head and carrying a skull that it uses as a cup to drink blood from. A Brahmaparusha is created by a demon possessing the corpse of a human being. It’s also believed that a person can be reincarnated as a Brahmaparusha if they were evil in their previous life. 

Brahmaparusha attacks are very violent and bloody. They bite down on their victim’s neck until blood starts to pour out and then it fills its skull cup with the blood to drink it. Once the body is drained of blood, the vampire smashes the victim’s head and eats their brains. Finally it rips out their intestines and wears them around its neck or on its head as a trophy. It will then dance around what is left of the corpse. It takes many victims to fill a Brahmaparusha. 

There is no way to protect yourself against a Brahmaparusha vampire. The only thing you can do is run and hide.