Few creatures of folklore and mythology conjure up the mental images of the dragon. Physical characteristics of dragons vary, but several consistencies are usually present. The beasts are typically depicted as huge lizards, larger than elephants on average. Long fangs are generally accepted as are twin horns of varying length. Western cultures generally include large bat-like wings giving the dragon the capability of flight. But eastern dragons, usually wingless, use a more magical means of flying. As well, eastern dragons tend to be more snake-like in nature, albeit with front and rear legs.

Most dragons will be covered in scales, although there are some with a leathery skin. Coloring ranges the entire gamut of the spectrum but red, green, black and gold appear to be the most common. It is also generally accepted that most dragons are magical creatures in nature and have the ability to breathe fire.

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Since Ruth’s death, there have been several other allegedly mysterious deaths or encounters in the Superstition Mountains, but it’s unclear how many of these can be regarded as reliably reported. Other searchers for the mine have disappeared in what have been reported as likely wilderness…

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This is the three-eyed calf being worshipped as a deity in India. The baby cow was born with the additional organ in the middle of his head, much like the Hindu god Shiva. Visitors have flocked the village of Kolathur in Tamil Nadu, southern India, to see the special calf. One of the key identifying features of Shiva is the third eye on his forehead, which can emit flames. When Shiva loses his temper, he opens his third eye to burn things to ashes.

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The Crocked forest, in West Pomerania, Poland. Planted in the 1930’s it remains a mystery how these hooked pine trees came to be, theories speculate that they were shaped like this to be used as building material for boats or curved furniture. 

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An Octopus unscrewing a lid from the inside.

Octopuses are going to kill us all someday

I had a biology teacher that told us this story about an octopus at an aquarium in Australia. The staff were concerned because their population of crustaceans kept disappearing. No bodies or anything. So they checked the video feed to find out what’s up.

Across from the the crustacean tank was a small octopus tank. This little fucker squeezed out of a tiny hole at the top of his tank, walk across the hall, and get into the crustacean tank. He would then hunt and eat. After he was done, he crawled back out and get back in his tank

Here’s the kicker: security guards patrolled the area. The staff realized that the octopus had memorized the security’s routine. It would escape and be back between the guards’ round.

An octopus in Germany was annoyed by a bright light shining into his tank, so he climbed up over the rim and squirted water at it to short it

Fuckin’ octopuses, man. 

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Many believe the secret to the dolls lies in the history of the house and property. During a two-week cold wave in the winter of 1871, a train crashed two-hundred feet from the house, killing 22 people on impact. Often times the dolls are found pointing towards the area of the crash site. Other times, they’re discovered with their heads looking towards the only other historical house left of the street, which has sat abandoned for many years. The house was built in 1845


Happy Saturday! There’s a new episode of “Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks” tonight at 9 p.m. EST when the guys look back on their Lizzie Borden and Black Swann Inn investigations! There will also be a bunch of paranormal programming beforehand, here’s the line-up:

  • Ghost Adventures, Tooele Hospital, 2 p.m.
  • Ghost Adventures, Old Town San Diego, 3 p.m.
  • Ghost Adventures, Old Charleston Jail, 4 p.m.
  • Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks, Bonnie Springs and Vulture Mine, 5 p.m.
  • Ghost Adventures, Rocky Point Manor, 6 p.m.
  • Ghost Adventures, Central Unit Prison, 7 p.m.
  • Ghost Adventures, Excalibur Nightclub, 8 p.m.
  • Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks, Lizzie Borden and Black Swann Inn, 9 p.m.
  • Dead Files, “Forever Scarred,” 10 p.m.
  • Dead Files, “Violated,” 11 p.m.


In the 17th century, the Ostrich Innwas a popular place for travellers.  But for some reason, no one ever noticed that over 60 people never left.  That’s because the owners installed a secret trap door under the bed in what they called the “best room” in the hotel.  This room was located right above the kitchen.  When their guests fell asleep, the owners would pry open the trap door and tilt the bed so that the guest would slide into a boiling cauldron. Supposedly many of the victims still haunt the hotel to this day.

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I’ve experience this myself when I went to the Fringe festival.

George MacKenzie was in charge of the Prison in the 17th Century and - working for King Charles II - persecuted the Scots Presbyterians known as Covenanters.

MacKenzie was also local…