The ‘Pajama Girl’ Case - On 1 September 1934, the badly burnt body of a young woman, viciously battered about the head and wearing only pyjamas, was found in a road culvert in the township of Albury on the New South Wales-Victoria border in rural Australia. Although Sydney police reconstructed the dead woman’s features and made composite drawings of what she may have looked like in life the also took the extraordinary step of preserving the body in a formalin bath. During the next decade tens of thousands of people viewed the ghastly remains at the University of Sydney, and later Sydney police headquarters, before it was positively identified in 1944

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Battle scenes shown at the gallery of bas-reliefs, Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Photos taken by Jason Eppink.

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Queen Mary



(Queen Mary ghost girl (Long Beach, CA)

One of the most haunted hotels on record, the Queen Mary has a number of psychic “hot spots.” This historic ocean liner is now permanently docked, but the ghostly activity continues. The hotel offers haunted history tours, so call ahead to reserve your spot.

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